It’s amazing how much I suck at this

I failed my HCG trigger shot pee pee test.

No, I don’t mean I’m not pregnant. Way too early to be testing for that.

I took my HCG trigger shot on Friday morning. Took a FRER test on Tuesday night to see if the shot was out of my system.

I know, way too early to have cleared my body.

I took another one Wednesday morning.

Here’s the kicker … wait for it … it’s a goodie … BOTH TESTS WERE NEGATIVE.

Snow freaking white. One big ol pink line, clear as day.

I can’t even get a BFP with an HCG shot.

Has anyone else ever had this happen? Or even heard of it happening?

‘Cause I’m honestly starting to think I’m a man.


2 responses to “It’s amazing how much I suck at this

  1. Oh! ….why did that make me giggle? I don’t think the amount of HCG in your trigger would be greater than 25? Maybe the test wasn’t sensitive enough? Gosh, I don’t know….but as long as you INJECTED it….I’m happy that it’s in there, somewhere.

  2. The hCG shot seems to get out of my system in about 3 days, contrary to the popular experience of a typical 10 days for it to get out of the system. I used to test just to see that pink line, but was sorely disappointed for a while until I finally figured out to test the VERY NEXT MORNING.

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