Leaving, on a jet plane (eventually, IY"H)

Don’t know when I’ll be back again…

They say bad things happen in threes. I hope it goes that way with good things too, as we’ve had enough of the bad.

Good thing #1: The hubby and I will IY”H be on the July 30 NBN charter. And because our aliyah story is so damned interesting (??? – can you imagine if I get knocked up before the flight?), we’re being interviewed by the Jerusalem Post. Which I’m all for, especially if it helps me get a job in journalism over there.

Good thing #2: The hubby has been accepted to both Tel Aviv and Ben Gurion universities! He is leaning toward the Tel Aviv Masters in Middle Eastern History program, but we have a while before we can decide.

And of course, good thing #3 would be a successful cycle. I keep telling the hubby that every day that goes by, we get a little closer to a possible success. I don’t know if he’s buying what I’m selling, but oh well.

Today is stimmy day 8. Bloodwork and ultrasound were this morning, and I hope to hear results in a couple hours. I am in the Big City and will either need to bust it back home or get a hotel if they keep me in town for more testing tomorrow or Sunday.

More news as it happens!


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