Brush up your Shakespeare

and haul out your IVF horror stories. I’m having work travel plan remorse. WTF was I thinking when I said I could travel for work in mid-May?

What’s the longest IVF stimulation cycle you’ve ever heard of? As in, what is the longest you have heard from someone starting stims to egg retrieval and subsequent transfer (canceled cycles don’t count)?

As in, there is no way I still won’t have the embies back by May 15 if we’re doing a day three transfer? Right? Oh please, please say it’s right. You can’t take them with you and get them put back in somewhere else, can you? Would you need to buy them another seat? Can they just sit in my lap? You certainly can’t swallow them and hope they get to the right place? Cause you can do that with BCPs — they are equally as effective in either end.

Today’s panic is brought to you by my company-paid non-refundable $840 May 16 plane ticket to Denver.

Assuming you don’t read this until Sunday, Sunday’s panic is brought to you by the prepaid room at the Adam’s Mark hotel for two nights at $420 a night.

In case you’re slow on the uptake, Monday’s panic is sponsored in part by my co-worker who has never been to Denver and damn near refuses to take company trips because the last one they sent her on was a complete disaster. She is only going because I am going.


In other news, Tuesday’s panic is brought to you by the fact that four nights of stims seems an inordinately large amount of time to go without an ultrasound or bloodwork given that this is my first cycle.

Though the funding has yet to come through, Wednesday’s panic is partially funded by the fact that we are planning on freezing embryos in the U.S. but not really planning on doing another cycle in the U.S. Can you take your frozen embies on aliyah with you? Do they get their own little Nefesh B Nefesh hats? Do they need visas? If not, that means we’ll probably just have to discard them here, which I just hate to do — all of course assuming that God willing we’ll have that many embies.

The other part of Wednesday’s panic is funded by viewers like you. Thank you. *

* Just kidding of course. You guys always keep me calm.


6 responses to “Brush up your Shakespeare

  1. First, 4 days without monitoring sounds OK, as long as it’s the FIRST 4 days.

    I remember stimming for 7-10 days before ER. You theoretically (and really, only theoretically) could take them with you… there is/was a method that involved having the embryos develop in a test tube that was inserted like a tampon (hey, perfect temperature, right?) That would let you take them to Denver with you (if the timing came out wrong) and then, during a lunch break or something, you could pop over to a local clinic, have the embryos transferred and be back in time for dessert… 😉

    I’ve never been to Denver, but it sounds beautiful and anyway I’m busy being jealous of anyone who gets to travel (my husband’s off to Berlin next week and my parents are currently in China)… We *are* going to spend the weekend by the Kinneret before he goes. 3 days with my in-laws. Ought to be a blast, huh?

  2. Just wanted to let you know what an incredible source of comfort it is for me to read your blog. Seeing another first time IVFer going through the same panicky feelings that I do (although… I’m not going to Denver…) makes me feel like I’m not alone. And your posts alway put a smile on my face. Hope everything works out!

  3. My clinic rarely will stim people for more than 12 days. I didn’t do the math for you, but I hope that works out ok!

  4. My clinic figures on 10-12 days stimming, HCG, wait a day, ET, three days later ER. I think that will put you around May 13? So it will be tight, but you should be okay.

  5. The Town Criers

    I can’t believe how much sponsorship you have 🙂

  6. Yeah, I’m special like that. I have l”logos” all over my butt and tummy.

    Or as we call them here – stretch marks. Now if only they were from pregnancy…

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