I (heart) Lupron

Got the results back from the u/s and bloodwork. They never give me real numbers, but I’ve been told I am A OK to start stims tomorrow. They don’t need to see me until Tuesday, since my body appears to be reacting to the Lupron exactly as planned.

That means I’ve got a couple days to get the house cleaned, get some rest and get packed for the Big City. I’ll be there Tuesday through Friday morning, and maybe a bit longer depending on when we trigger.

On the other end, I’ve got to fly out to Denver for three days in mid-May, which should help to take some of the time out of the 10-day wait.

Today’s panic? That we won’t have transferred the embies out by the time I have to head to Denver. I leave on May 16, so things would have to be pretty screwed up by then, but given the lack of cooperation my body had for the IUI, I’m still a little panicky.

And it gives me something to focus on that’s after this cycle. It’s weird to even contemplate a date in mid-May. Oh yeah, I forgot. Pass or fail, life goes on.


3 responses to “I (heart) Lupron

  1. Mary Ellen and Steve

    How exciting that your cycle is starting! Good luck!

  2. Reproductive Jeans

    So exciting that you are starting! I wish you the best of luck! And you are right–pass or fail, life will go on, but I DO hope you pass=)

  3. The Town Criers

    Yay! Sending you many good thoughts for the cycle.

    And I hope you’re feeling better after the accident. That’s really scary.

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