Call me an optimist

Time to answer some of the loads of e-mail, comments, etc.

“Whatever happened to your muskrat pelt?”

Um. As bad as the hair dye job was, it still isn’t as bad as Pelty (yes, I named it). I’m back to being a scarf/snood/baseball hat kind of girl for the time being.

“You haven’t said much about your triathlon training.”

That’s because there hasn’t been much training. Since we are for sure making aliyah, there isn’t a wealth of time or money for it right now. I’m putting all efforts into staying well rested, healthy and cheap in hope this IVF cycle works. That mixed with fabulous nausea, mild to killer headaches and general laziness, and suffice it to say there has been very little to report.

“Why are most of the links in your blogroll to people who are already pregnant or have kids?”

Dunno. I guess I am optimistic. And even though most of them had an IVF success, I think it’s fair to say most of them still had a rough road. Easy to lose our sense of pity for them when they have a beautiful baby, but once an IFer, always an IFer I think. If you want me to link to you, just send me a note at whattoexpect2007 (at) hotmail (dot) com.

Allformybaby writes:

“Wow! I didn’t realize that cutting your hair could send you to eternal damnation! You should post a pic.”

Well, we don’t really do the whole eternal damnation, fire and brimstone thing. But the period of counting the omer is a period of mourning and most folks do not cut their hair in that time.

As for the picture, the badness is gone. Let us never speak of it again. πŸ™‚

Rachel Inbar, my hero and yours, writes:

“I colored my son’s hair for Purim. I took a box of platinum blonde (he’s got dark brown hair) and left it on like they said. It came out a beautiful copper color …”

Alas, mine was copperesque, without the beautiful part. It is now kind of a reddish brown. Serviceable, but not really what I was going for in the long run.

She also writes in regard to IM shots:

“It doesn’t get much worse, it’s mostly the fear that hurts, at least for me… (I did give myself about 200 shots, so I have some experience.)”

I met someone the other day that had to give two PIO injections a day for 36 weeks to prevent miscarriage. My knee-jerk response (B”H, in my head) was: I would never do that just to have a baby. It took me a few seconds to get to: Who the hell am I kidding? If they tell me at 12 weeks that I can’t stop the shots, I mean really, who would actually quit?

I hope your 200 were accumulated over several healthy pregnancies.

And several of you left very kind notes about my “profound deficiency”:

The nurse confirmed it was just covering the bases for all possible scenarios. If it makes this cycle more likely to be a success, I’m all for it.


In other news: I think CD1 is right around the corner. I’ve heard Lupron periods are lighter and shorter than the rest, so I’m kind of afraid I might fail to realize it. I think I start stims on Friday (what day of your cycle are you supposed to start stims?).

Anyhoo β€” keep the messages coming and I’ll keep replying.


3 responses to “Call me an optimist

  1. I just got my Lupron period on Saturday (two days after I went off BCP, 9 days after starting Lupron). It was so light that I wasn’t even sure if it was my period. But then it was also light on Sunday, so I went in today for my Day 3 bloodwork. I spoke to the nurse about my uncertainty and she said this was common.

    And I’m starting my follistim tonight! This is definitely moving quicker than i thought.

    And I know this is late in the game- but a word about dyeing hair…

    I cover my hair and was sick of my brown hair. I used to get it highlighted all the time before I was married, so I went again. Since I cover my hair, I didn’t want to spend so much money on highlighting that no one will see, so I went to a cheap salon. There’s a reason why it was cheap, cheap = crappy. My hair is platinum and does not match at all with my wig (a fall- usually I take out hair in the front and clip it back. I tried to do that one day last week and it looked like I had a skunk stripe in my hair. I wore it anyway. I think I have to wear it with the headband-on-the-forehead look.)

    I had needed a change. I do like it.

  2. I had to take the PIO until the end of 12 weeks with my first IVF pregnancy. I don’t know why. I don’t think they ever even tested my progesterone levels… it must have just been standard way back when… Anyway, with just that cycle I had about 100 shots. With all the rest together, I’m guessing I had about another 100.

    You can read my infertility story on my website πŸ™‚

  3. That’s so exciting about your move. I am so jealous. I am not Jewish but I am fascinated by Jewish culture and the more I read about it, the more I am fascinated by it. There is just something there that resonates with me. (Funnily enough with my sister too, it must be a family thing.).

    Good luck with the cycle. I stopped BCPs yesterday and I start stimulation injections on Friday. Hope the travelling goes ok, it sounds stressful. Maybe they can give you the embies in a little cooler bag and they can refer you to a good hospital over there. Only kidding. Hope it all works out simply and all this worry is for nought.

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