The next installment of dumb things I’ve done lately

But first, shocking revelations I’ve made lately:

If you go to sleep at night, you will be able to wake up while it is still morning and actually feel good. “At night” here having the meaning “before 3 a.m.” when you are expected at work before 10 a.m.

Don’t fix what isn’t broken. If the Pepto lets you keep stuff down, keep taking the Pepto.

There is no shame in napping.

And I wholeheartedly endorse the Godiva plan: you get one chocolate for every shot you take. When the IMs start, you get one chocolate for every shot you take and one chocolate for every shot self-administered.

And now, our featured show.

Dumb things I’ve done lately:

What is with the weird dreams? Maybe it’s the Lupron? I’ve had two doozies as of late.

First time, I dreamed I gave birth to a Barbie doll. Complete with box.

Next up, I had a dream I gave birth to seven kittens. Each individually wrapped in a plastic bag, so that when they took them out of the bags they were dry and fluffy, but had a lot of static in their fur. They kept crawling around the hospital bed (yeah baby, both dream deliveries “took place” in hospitals) and kept swatting at my IV lines.

Okay, so this is the biggie. Don’t tell my clinic, but I must have lost a BCP. I ran out of active pills last night, so I’m headed to Target to get more and will have to take one this afternoon and then get back to schedule tonight. I’m hoping that the injections will trump the BCP and I’ll be okay. But don’t. Tell. Anyone.

I think that attempting to remove your syringe from the vial while you still have the bottle upside down is just a right of passage. I passed mine last night. I think I only lost a small drop of Lupron, but considering it costs about a bazillion dollars per milliliter, I felt like a bit of an ass.

And I can’t help but note that I am completely getting my hopes up about this cycle. I know so many cycles fail, but when you’re an IVF virgin, the prospects look so unflinchingly fabulous from this side.

Moreover, have I mentioned I want twins? Really, really want twins? Yegads, what has become of me.

Anyhoo – out the door to Target (that’s Tar-zhay, for the uninitiated) and to the grocery to get the goods for Shabbos.


2 responses to “The next installment of dumb things I’ve done lately

  1. Mary Ellen and Steve

    The lup.ron gives me weird dreams. Don’t worry too much about the BCP. I have done that myself. Your secret is safe with me. I love the Godiva plan!

  2. We’re totally on the same page. I can not imagine this IVF cycle NOT working. Also, for some reason, I have a very strong feeling that I will have twins. Twin boys, that I can dress in matching cute little sweater-vests and polo shirts, that can be named after both of my grandfathers that recently passed away.

    Wishful thinking?

    And, I’m very glad to know that I’m alone in the “spilling of the Lupron” rite of passage.

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