Getting all protocolly, etc.

It’s only fair I being this post with a caveat: I am usually an ideal patient.

I listen. I do as directed. I take all 10 days worth of antibiotics even when I feel better two days later. And I actually have a list of all medications (prescription, OTC and herbal) that I take.

Clearly, those days are over. Or so I’m worried. Either I’ve got a bit of a memory problem, or there is just a lot to remember about giving yourself some injections.

I know I was at the meeting. I just don’t really remember much of it — I’ve deemed this a coping mechanism.

Here’s what my notes say:

I start Lupron on Tuesday. I will be taking 10 (somethings? I have no idea what the unit is) at 6 p.m. everyday. My last BCP is Saturday.

I decrease Lupron to 5 thingees when I start stims: April 27. I take 225 of Gonal F and 75 of Luveris.

On April 30, I go back to the Big City and do bloodwork. That’s when we go crazy with monitoring.

At some point, I give myself a shot of Ovidrel. It is currently in my fridge on top of the eggs (get it? on the eggs — yeah, I crack my shit up).

Then we play hen house fun. We are not ICSIing. I have been told we do not need to.

I start taking PIO the day after ER. Beta is 10 days later.

Here are my questions:

I get that you can’t take a FRED/FRER until the trigger shot clears your system, but how long does that take? I was told not to bother taking one before my beta, but I figure the likelihood of that is right up there with not having taken the 40 or so I have taken — I could have just waited for AF, no?

In other news:

I cannot leave town to visit my dad. I will call him regularly, but I am putting the cycle first. It is only a matter of time until the rest of the family lets me know what an ahole I am. You can just call me self-centered: they did. I have made my peace with it, will call Dad and move on.

Congrats to the new mommies that appear to be bursting this spring! Here’s a shout out to Jenny, Ms. L, and Meg. I know I’ve missed people — I am a meathead at heart — but feel free to post the good news in the comments!

You never know how far reaching a blog is, but if any readers have been affected by the horrific tragedy in Virginia, my most heartfelt prayers go out to you. May we hear only simchas.


3 responses to “Getting all protocolly, etc.

  1. I remember getting a list, but I didn’t do too many meds simultaneously.

    I got a 30-day Lupron & then stimmed with FSH and Pergonal (whatever that is) and then had a trigger shot (hCG). I also had the “pleasure” of taking doxcylin, which I thought caused terrible heartburn (here, it was a hideous orange color).

    The trigger is out of your system after about 8 days, but that might be too early to do an hpt… Believe it or not, I waited with my 2nd IVF until day 19(!) without testing – if I remember correctly, they used to also give hCG during the 2ww, so that testing wouldn’t have been accurate – (the hospital’s policy was beta on day 20, they only tested me early because I felt so sick!)

  2. My experience has been that the hCG shot is out of my system in 3 days, but I think conventional advice is 7-8 days.

    The thing to remember is that implantation won’t happen until about a week after transfer, so you will only be shooting yourself in the foot if you try to POAS before that point.

  3. Lurker here……when I’ve checked by POAS daily it took eight days for the ovidrel to be gone. On the month I conceived I calculated implantation to be about 8dpo since my beta was 24 at 12 dpo.

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