Playing ketchup

Sorry, I know it’s been a bit since I posted. There was Pesach and Dr. visits and it’s been a busy time at work. Here are the updates.

This much we know is true: Although it might be the BCP making me a bit queasy, it is most certainly the doxycycline (from the sonohystogram and the TET and the hysteroscopy) I am allergic to. That said, I am still taking my Pepto and all is well in my tummy. Most of the time. But I have a fabulous rash from the antibiotics. It looks a bit like a painting done in pointillism on my arse.

Hysteroscopy: In a nutshell, my uterus is fine and I don’t have cancer. My doc declined to remove the tumor since it is so small she could barely find it again. She says she’ll keep an eye on it. I have a lovely clean uterus with no globs of any type to hinder implantation. I got to see it on fiber optic camera.

My observations: I think it looks a bit like a face in there, if you take the two dark FT holes as eyes.

Breaking news: When they popped the cam in, the doc forget to set the white balance, so it was like a bright light. I said I had a supernova in my crotch and she laughed.

And then, when they got the cam in (I have a long cervix, evidently), there were little strings of … I don’t know … CM floating around. I couldn’t help myself, I laughed out loud and said, “OMG, I have spider webs in my uterus. That’s what I get for not using it.”

She laughed so hard she nearly dropped the camera. And then I kinda had a big belly laugh and lost a bit of saline fluid. The whole thing was a bit of a comic clusterfuck but I get an A for the day. My ute gets a gold star.

Next up, pre-ART meeting was Thursday:

In a nutshell, all systems go. We will most hopefully be transferring two embies (read: we are adamant) on Day 3 past retrieval. I start shots Tuesday, I can give myself the PIO and the injection class is Monday.

They did tell me that if I give myself the PIO in my leg, I won’t be able to walk. Sadly, this just makes me what to try it and see.

For the record, yes, I was the kid who licked the metal pole in the winter.

I don’t know what my day three bloods were, but they were “just right.” And I have a lot of follicles — apparently my ovaries are just two little hen houses. Don’t really know what that portends for us either.

Hard-core monitoring begins April 30. Retrieval most likely May 5-7, and I get ’em back a bit after that. All extras will be frozen, just in case.

My “first” pregnancy test will be 10 dpt. First. Yeah, I snorted at that one too. My first was several years ago. It’s just that they’re all pass/fail tests, and thus far I’ve only failed.


7 responses to “Playing ketchup

  1. Ok, the PIO shot in the leg won’t make it so you can’t walk on the first shot– but having tried it- by the time you do the 2nd or 3rd one in the same leg- walking can become a bit of a challenge. You can do the PIOs in your tushy if you use a mirror. I highly recommend trying it that way– but if you need to check the leg thing out- by all means- it is entirely possible you have a higher pain tolerance than I did :). Good luck!

  2. I am so glad to hear that the tumor turned out to be nothing! Am also glad to hear that all is well in the tummy, and your cob-webby ute (had a good giggle over that one!).

  3. I’m glad the tumor wasn’t something to be worried about.

    As for the PIO shot in the leg (I assume you mean anterior thigh area)… I was told the same thing about not being able to walk after I do a couple shots there, but I have a friend who doesn’t have an ounce of fat on her who did ALL of her PIO shots in the anterior thigh and says it wasn’t a problem at all. She has beautiful IVF twin girls as a result of those shots (among others) to show for it.

    Won’t hurt to try it, but do bear in mind you probably will be a bit sore from the shots, no matter where you do them.

  4. I’m relieved to know you don’t have a tumor! And if you can give yourself a PIO shot in the thigh, more power to you – I was told the same thing by nurse, so have relied upon my DH to do them in the behind.

  5. Wow, sounds like we’re on a pretty similar schedule. My retrieval is set for May 8 – 10.

    Wishing you lots of luck!

  6. Mary Ellen and Steve

    Good news that the tumor is nothing to worry about. I wish you all the best with this coming cycle!

  7. glad to hear all is well with your bits! wishing you the best with this cycle!

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