Pepto Bismol is my dirty socks

Bear with the metaphor for a minute.

Anyhoo, I’ve been able to keep food down again. Gained back most of the poundage I lost. (Am not sad – was pretty sure it was water weight).

What changed? Well, it appears that if I take my BCP, et. al., with a double dose of liquid Pepto Bismol right before I go to bed, I can keep it down and feel fairly better the next morning.

I tried the Pepto when I had no other options. I do not know if it is KLP. And I called a doc (actually, the 24-hour “nurseline” I have access to from work) and was told it was necessary so that my weight doesn’t plummet. So I’m calling it all good. No, I did not ask for permission from a Rav.

Since taking the Pepto, I have felt about a 100 times better. So of course, as long as I am on the BCPs, I will be taking a double dose of Pepto nightly. The fear of not taking it has scared me away from trying to wean myself off of it.

Pepto Bismol is my dirty socks. What does that mean?

I use to play ice hockey. We went on a winning streak. I didn’t change my socks for the better part of two weeks. And we kept winning.

So while I’m intelligent enough to know the socks didn’t cause us to win, I wouldn’t change them.

And while I’m quite sure my body has simply adjusted to the nightly barrage of meds*, there’s no way I’m taking a chance until a doctor tells me I have to.

* For the record, I’m taking: a prenatal vitamin, another 1600 mcg of folic acid, a baby aspirin, and a Nortrel BCP. Yum.


6 responses to “Pepto Bismol is my dirty socks

  1. Pepto is my cure-all, actually. I always keep a bottle handy so I can take a swig or two when the mood (or nausea) hits me. Yes, you read that right: a swig. Who needs that little plastic cup? And measuring is for wimps!

    Glad you’re feeling better.

  2. I am glad that it works for you so now you can be well on your way for your cycle!!! I know that I had so much indigestion and stomach ache with my earlier pregnancy that I was swiggin down the pepto and my OB/Gyn had a shit fit!!! He said that the main ingredient in pepto is not good for embe’s! So let your RE know about your dirty socks!! Take care!

  3. ultimatejourney

    Hi, I just wanted to “introduce” myself and say I’m glad you found something to make you feel better. I read your previous post to get some context about the pepto and I can’t believe how rude your nurse was. I’m sorry you have to deal with that on top of everything else.

    I read “Conquering Infertility” and subsequently signed up for Tai Chi (Ali’s mind/body class just seemed insanely expensive, although I reserve the right to change my mind on that one.) I’m enjoying the Tai Chi, and I think anything that helps you relax is worth pursuing.

    I hope the pepto is the good luck charm you need for a successful cycle.

  4. glad to hear that something is helping! i’m like adrienne — i always have a bottle handy!

  5. Hi, de-lurking to say that I also had a bad reaction to BCP. So bad that at the end of the second day on it I was so weak and dehydrated from the sickness. Our doctor told me to stop taking it immediately because I was having an adverse reaction. He also emphasized that the BCP is not a vital part of the suppression, Lupron is. So I stoped the BCP and carried on with Lupron. What your nurse said wasn’t just outrageous but irresponsible too. Take care, if Pepto is working, than it’s great. But if you start feeling poorly again, talk to your doctor.

  6. Mary Ellen and Steve

    This is my first visit here. I am so glad that the pepto is helping with the nausea. Good luck with this cycle!

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