Lots of news

I’ve got bunches of news, both good and bad. Which do you want first?

I’m glad you chose the good news. Most of the news is good.

First off, we heard back from NBN just before Pesach started on Monday. We have been approved to join a charter flight this summer (don’t know which one yet) and were given a generous grant as well.

Please don’t ask me to reveal how much the grant was, as doing so would cause us to void our contract, and we would lose all of the amazing help we are being offered.

That said, our finances have gotten a bit stickier since we put in our application, so it’s still going to be a real close call. We have not decided yet whether or not to accept the offer — we’re still running the numbers, which is impossible to do over Yom Tov — but have to decide before April 25.

Unfortunately, we may not know by April 25 if the hubby has been accepted to grad school. Kind of scary, very exciting, but still overall very fabulous news.

Whichever way it works out, I just wanted to take a moment to give a shout out to the amazing people that make NBN possible.

Now the less good news:

I had an appointment for a sonohystogram and a TET. They also started with an ultrasound just for kicks.

Ultrasound looked good, sonohystogram looked normal until they tried to insert the catheter. It seems I have a very small, irregular tumor (not a fibroid) just inside my ute near the cervix.

The TET didn’t go well at all due to the tumor.

This is a problem for three reasons:

1. It gets in the way of a smooth catheter entry for the embryo transfer.

2. It could cause problems with implantation — perhaps it even has been causing problems with implantation — we don’t really know.

3. There is a slight chance it could be cancerous — “slight” here having the meaning “10 to 15 percent.”

I’m having a diagnostic hysteroscopy next Tuesday to take a peek at it. If it’s bad, they’ll likely remove it. But that’s all up to my doc next week.

And (cue the melodrama) let’s not forget the birth control pills.

It’s been said the sleeplessness in the third trimester prepares you for sleepless nights with an infant. I can’t really comment on that, but I can say the BCPs I’m taking for IVF appear to be an excellent training ground for morning sickness.

I started taking them last Friday. I have since lost seven pounds. (No, I’m not updating the ticker since I will likely gain all of these pounds back.) I am vomiting constantly and when I’m not, I’m sick and dizzy.

It couldn’t come at a better time, since one of the only things I can keep down is matzah.

Anyone have any tips to help keep food down? I’m taking the pill right before I go to bed, but I’m still sick all day.

I’m really freaking out since I don’t know how much longer I can keep this up. What happens if you can’t get through the birth control pills part of IVF? Are there other options available? Can they start me on shots earlier?

4 responses to “Lots of news

  1. have you talked to your dr yet about how sick you are from the pills? that doesn’t seem right to me at all.
    sorry to hear about the tumour — i’ll be checking in to see how the hysteroscopy goes.
    good luck with everything else on your plate now too . . . you’ve SO much going on at once. i hope you can still take some time out to take care of yourself!

  2. The tumor must be scary. I hope you’ll find out everything’s OK soon.

    The BCPs aren’t supposed to make you sick. Maybe it’s something else? I’d call the doctor and ask. I never noticed any side-effects at all.

  3. I’ve had BCPs give me mild nausea, but it’s the kind that’s solved by nibbling on crackers. You sound pretty badly affected, and that’s not normal, so I would talk to you doctor. Perhaps you will adjust to the pills, but still, you’re reaction sounds really strong.

    I’m sorry to hear about the abnormal tumor, and I’ll be thinking of you and hope that news will be benign.

  4. I threw up and fainted my first day on the new birth control pill. However- not sure if it was from the pill, or a virus or something. Now- 2 weeks into it- my body has gotten used to it and I feel fine. I hope you start to feel better soon!

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