On the road again

It’s back to the Big City for the sonohysterothingee and the TET offensive. I likely won’t be able to post results of either before Pesach tonight, so check back in late on Wednesday and I should have a total rundown of the State of the Uterus.

Meanwhile, I’ve got a few questions I’m going to run by my nurse. If you have any answers, I’d really like to hear them too.

1. We start injections on April 17 — a Tuesday. We will be out of town from April 16-22, which means we need to have the meds with us when we leave the house on April 16. But we don’t meet with the doc until April 12 — a Thursday — to get a protocol. Assuming the meds come in the mail, which I’ve been told they do, do you think we will get them in time? Isn’t ordering them on Thursday and needing them by Sunday cutting it a bit close?

2. Since the meds will be traveling with us, will any of the meds I have to take at first (it’s supression first, right?) need to be refrigerated? I’ve arranged for a fridge at the hotel we’re staying in, but what about on the road for the better part of 12 hours? Will a cooler work?

3. When do we start the almost daily ultrasounds and bloodwork relative to the ER? As in if ER is scheduled for the week of May 6? I need to let the boss know ahead of time.

4. Can I please just do the progesterone suppositories if we actually get preggo?


3 responses to “On the road again

  1. When I did stims, it was about 10 days from the time I started them until embryo retrieval. If I recall correctly, there was monitoring on the first day and then from day 4 or 5, it was every other day. In 10 days, it meant going about 5 times…

    About the progesterone, ask your doctor. I don’t know what the difference is, but I did both (one for one pregnancy, one for another) Neither are bad and each has its disadvantages (unless they’ve changed the color from PINK… but anyway, I didn’t find that leaky feeling fun, especially since I had a lot of spotting/bleeding in all my IVF pregnancies).

    Good luck! It IS an adventure 🙂

  2. unfortunately i don’t have any answers to your questions, but i can wish you the best of luck with this cycle!

  3. Wishing you much luck on your tests. Hope you “pass” with flying colors!

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