The TET Offensive

As in trial embryo transfer, of course.

I have no idea what a sonohystogram is. I already had a hysterosalpingogram, so I’m not sure what I’m having one for. That said, supposedly we’ll be able to map out my uterus and that’s always fun.

And then the TET. Again, not exactly sure what it is but I know I have to have a full bladder.

From there, I drain said bladder and haul ass back to town so I can be here for the start of Passover.

Right now, really got to go to bed. Will try and run/walk an easy three miles tomorrow.


One response to “The TET Offensive

  1. I had a sonohystogram (actually never had an HSG), AKA saline ultrasound. My understanding is that the sonohystogram is better for showing polyps and fibroids (don’t know if your doctor thinks you might have those?). I had one because my abnormally long periods could have indicated polyps, although that ended up not being a problem for me. You can also see if the tubes are open with the saline solutions, but without the dye, it’s a little harder.

    Don’t feel bad about posting on different issues. As you said, it’s your blog, and I like hearing about some of the other things besides IF going on in people’s lives. I hope the training goes well.

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