Everything in moderation?

Or not.

I’ve never been one to have much balance in life. Now is no exception.

I think it’s important to have a plan in place in the event that absolutely nothing I’m planning this year goes correctly (aliyah, IVF and preggo, my weight).

It’s April 1. I’m going to start training for a Half Ironman to be held July 1.

Yes, I’m crazy. And yes I promise that I won’t train for it or compete if I’m pregnant. But I’ve got to have a plan in place to deal with things if I get nothing but bad news.

I’ve got 12 weeks, give or take. If I can go sub 7 (I know, unlikely), I can take first in my age group. That would be a nice comeback. My realistic goal? Sub 8.

For the record, that’s hours. As in less than eight hours. I figure an hour for the swim and transition, four hours for the bike and transition, and three hours for the half marathon. Should be a good time all around.

If I pull this off, I will not be 220 pounds at the end of it.

Wish me luck.


I know, it’s supposed to be a fertility blog. Not an aliyah blog. Not an Orthodox Jewish blog. Not a weight loss blog. Not a triathlon training blog. Not a “welcome to the pity party” blog.

But all of those things are part of my life. They make up “me” and last I checked, this was my blog.

Thanks again to all who read me, and I hope to not disappoint in the future.


One response to “Everything in moderation?

  1. Hi, I love your blog no matter what it is about. You have a great voice. Keep talking, I’ll keep listening. Merideth

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