Poll? Dunno how to do one

Just kidding. I have no idea how to do a poll.

Here’s the question. Y’all can answer in the comments.

When did you buy things for the baby?

  1. Long before I ever got pregnant.
  2. As soon as I found out I was pregnant.
  3. I registered when I found out I was pregnant, but we didn’t buy anything until later.
  4. We registered after the first trimester, and had everything at home before the baby came?
  5. We registered, but didn’t get anything until the baby was home from the hospital.
  6. Are you kidding? You can’t do any of that until you bring home the baby or you’ll invite ayin hora.

Another quick question: Occasionally I get NBN readers — if you’re making aliyah this summer, have you heard back from NBN yet? Did you ask for funding? Thanks in advance. I’m panicking — it’s way more fun to panic about aliyah than about pesach.


3 responses to “Poll? Dunno how to do one

  1. I’m somewhere between four and five, with about ten days to go until my c-section.

    We ordered furniture back around month six, it came in four weeks later, and I told the company to hold it until the kid comes out without any problems. Other friends chided us a week ago when we said we hadn’t bought a car seat or diapers, so the car seat’s bought (and installed) and the diapers and wipes will be purchased this weekend. And we have a bassinet and a glider (either borrowed or bought inexpensively second-hand) sitting in our basement, waiting for the new arrival. The kid’s room itself was recently painted, and we have a few kids books in there, but otherwise it’s empty. And finally, I just (in the last week) bought some kid clothes (all on sale–with a good return policy) just so the kid can wear something when it comes home… but believe me I asked about return policies. We also registered at two stores but have been low-key about telling people, figuring they can find out once the kid arrives without problems. And being Jewish, there’s been no shower planned whatsoever.

  2. We ended up having things beforehand – with the first, my parents bought things because they were coming from the US to Israel (before they made Aliya) and with the rest I also had things before (especially carseats). I didn’t really feel comfortable about it, but it didn’t make sense to leave everything for the last minute, pay much more, and end up missing things when I got home from the hospital.

  3. I haven’t had babies yet and we got J when he was a year old and he came with a lot of stuff, so I can’t speak from experience.

    My guess is that we’ll probably register late in the pregnancy, but not actually get anything (or not have anything delivered) until the baby(babies?) arrive(s). My guess is people will still send us stuff, and I won’t banish it, but I’ll leave it in a room I don’t go in much until I need it.

    That being said, I don’t think there’s a thing wrong with having baby stuff in your house before during or after pregnancy.

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