No news is good news?

Day 3 bloods and an ultrasound for me, virals for the hubby.

Here’s the plan so far:
Start BCP: March 30
Sonohystogram and mock embryo transfer: April 2
Pre-ART meeting with Dr. Laughs-not-so-much: April 12
Injection class: April 16
Begin injections: April 17
ER and ET somewhere in week of May 6

We didn’t get a call back about our bloodwork today, but they called in my scrip for the BCP so I’m assuming everything was okay. Yes, I realize this policy has screwed me in the past, but I’m a kinder, happier patient now.


Funny story though. Went to pick up the BCP at Target Pharmacy. Adorable Indian woman is our pharmacist there.

As I’m picking up the pills, there is a little boy completely in a terrible twos fit. Kicking and shrieking, beating his little fists on the floor.

Her: Look at it this way. Take these diligently, and you’ll never have to deal with that.

Me: Actually, they’re for an IVF cycle.

She appraises me for a moment…

Her: (with a huge grin) Ahh. Don’t worry. Your kids will never be like that.

Oh the irony is amazing. It doesn’t really set in until the pills bear your name. Yep, I’m taking BCP so I can have a baby.


Although the doc’s office called in the scrip, they didn’t leave any information about the license number, doctor’s information, etc. Without it, my insurance won’t cover the pills. My ever diligent pharmacist (who rocks my world) actually called up the doctor on call to get her license number so I would only have to pay my copay.

This woman has far bigger balls than you would ever imagine for her 5 foot stature.

And it worked. But it got me to thinking…

I’m noticing a lot of “little things” that seem to be failing to fall into place with this cycle. I know I’m not the first one to notice it, but my office doesn’t seem to be very good at getting the details down right.


“You’re here because you got a positive LH surge?”

“No, I’m here for day three bloods.”

“Oh. Then I need to get another couple vials from you.”

And in went another needle.

Other screwups from today: failed to mention hubby’s bloodwork would not be covered under insurance ($250?), and scared the hell out of me when they said we were supposed to be fasting for our bloodwork.

When you have to drive 2.5 hours each way for each visit (can we do any of this locally? answer: no), you get a bit antsy when they don’t seem to be that organized. For example, when I left today I didn’t know when my next appointment was. To be fair, I got a call that explained it all, but I still don’t feel good about this.

“You don’t seem to have any follicles that are ready to go. Are you sure you got a positive on your OPK?”

“Umm, no. I’m here for baseline ultrasound. This is CD3.”

I have some concerns about people this disorganized collecting sperm, eggs and creating an embyo of our genetic material to be reinserted.

Suffice it to say if I give birth to a olive skinned curly haired cutie pie, we’ll likely know what happened.

Anyone else have the same experience?


4 responses to “No news is good news?

  1. Sounds unnerving… When b”H you cycle for your next baby in Israel, I can guarantee you won’t be travelling 2-1/2 hours each way. I only did bcp for my frozen cycle, but I remember thinking it seemed weird.

  2. Good luck with this cycle and good for you for telling the pharmacist up front why you were taking BCP. And definitely stay on top of the people at the clinic–sounds like you really need to make sure things get done correctly yourself.

  3. I feel like my clinic has on occasion really fallen through with the communication, but nothing that has adversely affected my treatment in the end. Sometimes I feel like doctor’s offices rely too much on the patient to know what’s going on and need a reminder: you do these procedures all the time; we don’t. Hopefully yours will get itself together.

  4. My clinic always got preliminary stuff wrong – why I was there, who I was seeing, why I was calling, etc., etc. The “important” stuff they never got wrong.

    Usually it just took a quick reminder for them to glance at my file again and say, “oh, right.” But when it was actually time for retrieval and transfer, everybody knew exactly what was going on, and got it all right! Well, except for the getting pregnant part, but I suppose they can’t be blamed for my slacker embryo.

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