Go with the flow

It’s definitely CD1.

While I appreciate all the support, please know I had little faith I was preggo, so actually getting the cycle started means we’re doing IVF. Now. No more waiting, and I’m very happy about that.

That said, I’m off to a bit of a bad start. We stayed up late last night — 4 a.m. — just talking, futzing with things around the house, etc.

The IVF nurse called at 6:15 a.m. today and I stupidly did the only thing you can do when you’ve only been asleep for a couple hours.

I answered the phone and proceeded to discuss my protocol, appointments, etc.

Which would be perfectly fine if it were not Shabbos.

I have no good excuses. I was half asleep and I just slipped up. When the hubby and I realized what I did, we kind of just sat there in shocked silence. Not much you can do about it after it happens except try better not to do it again.

Anyhoo. Here’s what I learned. I did have the good sense not to write things down, so I only caught a fraction of the appointments I will need to have.

Monday we go to the Big City for his & hers bloods.
BCP starts March 30.
Injection class is April 16, with injections starting April 17.
A mock embryo transfer happens at some point, though I missed that detail in its entirety.
And the ER and ET are scheduled for the week of May 6.


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