Kosher by Design: Sickos in the kitchen

I need to finish getting Shabbos stuff ready to go, but here’s a quickie post.

When’s the best time to plan your Shabbos dinner? When you’re nauseated and having random cravings, of course. It results in a “creative” menu, if nothing else.

Tonight’s dinner:
Challah with cranberries baked in (I’m not even sure if that’s allowed, but it’s just us for dinner)
Green salad with grilled salmon and meyer lemon vinagrette and sprinkled with cranberries
Boneless turkey breast that I smothered in apricot jam (okay, I guess when you intend to use a jelly product as a glaze, you’re to melt said jelly on the stove instead of uncermoniously dumping it on top of your semi-cooked slab of meat — oh well — because I’m all out of cranberry sauce)
Mashed sweet potatoes mixed with cranberry sauce
Cranberry corn bread stuffing
Carrot coins with brown sugar and cranberry sauce
Cranberry sauce
Chocolate cake with choco frosting and cranberry sauce
And for the love of all things fluzzy, if I could find a way to get cranberries in the wine, I’d do that too. Maybe I could float some berries in a sparkling dessert wine.

As the husband said: “Umm, did they just have them on sale or something?”

Having a bit of a craving, no? So far, no AF. That said, she’s allowed to travel on Shabbos so maybe she’ll be arriving late. Meanwhile, I’m calling my IVF nurse to ask what to do.

Even though I slept for 10 hours, I’m already exhausted, so I might kip down for a nap before dinner. Looking forward to some good sleeping over the weekend.

If by some stroke of luck this is a cuddly little parasite, I think I’ll really enjoy this whole Shabbos sleeping bit a great deal more.


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