All quiet on the cervical front

Not much to report. No AF, and I’m not POAS. I ran out of sticks.

Symptoms of impending period: Cramping here and there. Breast aches. Hubby separated the beds.

Symptoms of unlikely pregnancy: Everything smells, body temp is a good two degrees above average, it’s way too warm everywhere, and my new favorite hobbies are peeing, drooling, drinking water (WTF?). And I have tenderness in my pectoral regions. And I fell asleep on my keyboard at work.

And no, the last one isn’t BS. I actually did. Coupled with the drooling, they had to give me a new keyboard because the moisture was making the space bar wig out.

My guess as to what’s happening? Perhaps I lost my uterus in a mound of laundry. Any day now, I’ll reach into the cupboard for some almonds and I’ll find an ovary instead.

I know, not likely. But in all honesty, not that much more unlikely than me being preggo.

I am holding out remote hope: in support of said hope, I’m back on the prenatals and folic acid. I don’t absorb it well, so I’ve been told to take 4 grams of it a day. Yes, 4 grams, as in 10 times the 400 micrograms that are generally recommended. And it’s roughly 5 times as much as your average prenatal vitamin.

I’ve heard this is common practice in Europe, but not in the U.S. Supposedly it’s really brought down the frequency of neural tube defects in Britain. Can anyone speak to that?

Anyhoo, I am so tired I am actually dizzy. And I know you’re thinking, well yeah, it’s 2 a.m. where you are. And that’s all good and true, but I didn’t wake up until 11 a.m. today. So I shouldn’t be this tired. But I am, and so my butt is heading to sleepy time.

In support of my new mantras, I did the following today: bought a wealth of fresh fruits and veg, had a nice salad with a cup of soup for lunch, and am already getting my shabbos foods prepared so tomorrow will be a more relaxing day.


2 responses to “All quiet on the cervical front

  1. Just found you from perky ovaries, read your blog, wow, hope AF stays away from you, symptoms sound hopeful, but I’m no expert. Anyway, good luck šŸ™‚


  2. Good luck and hope that the symptoms are signs of something good to come!

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