You ask, I answer

I’m so excited that people actually read my ramblings that I’m getting around to replying to your comments right here and now.

Deanna said: “Okay, and I’m sure this doesn’t help your sanity, but I can’t help wondering what your cycle is up to today. Anything noteworthy gong on???”

Heh. You and me both girl.

Took a POAS this morning. Perfectly white, pure as the driven snow with only the control line. But there is no evidence of AF. My guess? She flew through Philly and got stuck in the weather earlier this week. I still believe her arrival to be imminent.

Rachel Inbar, freaking genius that regularly rocks my world, said: “I’d be careful about reading too much into what your boss says. Sometimes what we think people think has nothing to do with reality. My boss sounded fed up with me when I had to stay home unexpectedly for a few days. She later showed up at my house (an hour drive each way) with food for Shabbat for my family that she bought at a kosher catering place. It turned out that she’d been flustered about something that had nothing to do with me. I continued to work for her for several more years after that.”

Are you a therapist? You nailed this one right on the head. Not a word said about working from home. That said, I am looking at other employment in the event we are unable to make aliyah.

Rachel, my heroine, also writes: “I didn’t find the PIOs to be painful at all, but I always gave the shots myself (an awkward position, but I never had to wait for myself to get home from work) and massaged afterwards. I had to go until the end of 12 weeks but I think I ended up stopping sooner.”

Honestly, my biggest fear was my husband having to give me the shots. If there is any way to do this myself (sounds like you managed), then I’m all good. I fear no needle — that said, the hubby has enough fear for the two of us. To put it in perspective, I was honestly considering asking my boss — as in the boss who quasi hates me — to administer the shots because I had … wait for it … less fear of her doing it. Yegads. I’ll practice the yoga now so I can reach my rear when the time comes.

ES said: “You totally echo my thoughts. Here are my selfish reasons for wanting twins:
– I’m a twin, so it would be cool.
– My sister is pregnant with her second, so I will be caught up with her.
– Also I will get a lot of attention from my parents this way (insecure much?)
– And of course… as you so delicately put it… two for the price of one! (I always wanted a big family. With twins, at least you know you have two).
For awhile I thought triplets might be nice too. But then I came to my senses.”

You have no idea how much better you just made me feel. I felt so guilty about this post that I not only cried a good bit, but I considered deleting it from the blog. Clearly now I’m glad I didn’t. Thanks for having the guts to post your response — in my experience it can be tough to own up to the feelings. And I hope you get a “double coupon day” in your uterus too, as my SIL calls it.

A long time ago, mslittky wrote: “Hello! Just found your blog, and I have to say I agree with your shliach… you do seem pretty charming. My husband and I plan on making aliyah this spring. We hope to be part of Modiin’s communal aliyah program, too. Have you joined all of the Modiin email lists? They offer a lot of information.”

You’re moving to Modiin and you think I’m charming? Yeah, you’re pretty much my new best friend. Like it or not. I can track you down. Have your shaliach call my shaliach. 🙂

I’m on the Modiin lists as a lurker. The hubby is playing a bit of a passive role in the whole aliyah process. My guess of how it will all work out? I’ll tell him the pets and I are moving overseas, that he will be going to school there and that it is where all other meals will be cooked for him. I’m sure he’ll come along. It’s worked well the last couple times.

I think I’m all caught up with your comments, but I hope to have more to reply to soon. Thanks again for all the support and for the ongoing discussions. It’s like my own little kaffeeklatsch.


3 responses to “You ask, I answer

  1. Now that my skin is back to its normal pale state 🙂 I’m not a therapist, but my mom is 🙂 My husband says I have a unique ability to remember things and analyze them…

    It’s definitely possible to give the PIO yourself. I used a mirror that hung on the wall. I found that giving it to myself was the least painful (sure, the first time it’s a little scary, but you get the hang of it really quickly). Just make sure not to give the shots too close to each other – ask the nurse to take a pen and mark the whole target zone. I had thought it was about a square inch & it turned out to be much larger than that. Once you space the shots a bit, you don’t run into scar tissue (or whatever it is that makes it hurt).

  2. I know several women who gave themselves PIO shots. To do it in the buttock requires a bit of maneuvering and an extremely awkward position, but it CAN be done. One friend of mine did all her shots in the anterior thigh (she’s a doctor and her husband is a lawyer… no way was she letting him touch her with a needle). My nurse warned me that PIO in the anterior thigh would hurt like hell, but my friend said she was fine (and she’s a skinny little tiny thing, so I can’t figure out how she managed, but she did!).

  3. Oh, and on the twin thing… I really, really, really wanted twins, until I developed an unnatural fear of epidurals and then I decided I could do without twins. Hah! Little did I know…

    ES is completely correct to have come to her senses about triplets. Speaking as someone probably facing triplets… HOLY COW!

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