When MF becomes FF

Since my hubby’s bum sperm diagnosis, I’ve been a bit relieved that I wasn’t “the reason” we weren’t getting pregnant.

But now the SA is downright good. And we’re still not preggo. And given the recent lack of cooperation on the part of my naughty bits, I think the fickle finger of frailty is pointing in my direction.

Not that it changes everything — except that I feel a good bit more pressure on my shoulders now. Has anyone else ever gone through this?


2 responses to “When MF becomes FF

  1. i totally hear you. at first the focus was all on me and on my broken body. it sounds shameful, but there was a part of me that was a little glad when the focus shifted to my husband for a bit. perhaps it’s even more shameful to admit that when our RE told us that his morphology really wasn’t much to be concerned with, i felt a little sad that it was all being focused on me again. that was all fleeting of course, but it is a lot of pressure. i think what your feeling is totally normal and natural…

  2. I agree too. At first (when we found out I hadn’t been ovulating) I felt like I was going through it all alone. I felt like I cared more than my husband. But when we found out that he had a very low sperm count- that’s when I felt that we were finally going through this together, as a team.

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