Advice needed

It’s CD 33 — 33! — and I’m a bit at a loss to what is happening with my body.

“Are you there endometrium? It’s the management. Your rent is a good four days past due and you are being evicted.”

At what point do you call in the docs and get a pregnancy blood test? Is there a more sensitive test I should be using for this? I wouldn’t really give a rat’s arse, but if this is a chemical pregnancy, it would be really good news.

It would imply we conceived naturally, and that perhaps we need not do the IVF. Yes, I realize it may be a pipe dream, but I’m having a tough time not knowing what’s going on in there.

(Edited because I am a “No talent ass clown” and actually got the CD wrong the first go. 33. I thought it was 32. But seriously, it’s 33.)


One response to “Advice needed

  1. If you go another 5-7 days, I’d call your doctor. They’ll check your hCG and P4 levels and give you provera (or something similar) to bring on a period. Then you can start BCPs (irony of ironies) to get started on your IVF protocol.

    What kind of HPT are you using? The most sensitive that I’ve found are the First Response Early Result (FRER… previously FRED because they used to be “Early Detection”). They aren’t cheap, but you only need one, right? Stop Laughing! Are you trying to imply that I’ve peed on a lot more than ONE stick per cycle? Okay, you got me.

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