A kinder, happier post

So I should have been cleaning my pre-Pesach arse off tonight, but I have succumbed to the ills of the Internets. I don’t this this is what our rabbinical leaders meant by “the dangers of the worldwide web.” They should have anticipated otherwise accomplished balebustas would lose significant portions of the evening to blogging. And they were worried about porn … heh.

I wanted to post about some things I really like, since the posting from Casa Kirby has been decidedly angsty and negative lately.

To keep it easy, I’m posting about some of my favorite things. In no real order of importance:

MOVIES: I’ve unintentionally got a bit of a British thing going on

Wallace & Gromit and the Curse of the Were-Rabbit

Bend It Like Beckham

Pirates of the Caribbean (new one this summer!)

All the Harry Potters (new one this summer!)

All the Lord of the Rings

MUSIC (again, I’m a MO Jew, not a role model)

Most soundtracks, especially the ones from my fave movies


Nine Inch Nails

Techno (yegads, I actually admitted it)

The Killers


Abba (oy, but it’s true)


A bit of a variety there, no?


Torah (though I’m not as fond of the author’s other works – kidding of course)

America: The Book: The Audiobook — if you enjoyed the book, you must get the audiobook; it takes everything to an insanely funny level and cracks my shit up. I listened to it when I was doing late-night pre-Pesach prep and I laughed so hard I dropped a bowl of chopped liver.

Harry Potter

Angels & Demons

Bright Lights, Big City

A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius (or something to that effect)

The Case for Israel


Caveat: we don’t have cable, and I don’t watch much telly, but when I stay in a hotel, here’s what I enjoy

The Daily Show and The Colbert Report

Gray’s Anatomy

Desperate Housewives

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (a good weekly sobfest)

SuperNanny (friggin love it)

Food Network (but not Giada, as I think she looks like a bobblehead doll)


History Channel (okay, most of the time — I don’t dig the WWII stuff for fairly obvious reasons)


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