Take two, they’re small

And the best way to spend your two-week wait before an IVF cycle?

I am getting psyched about the prospect of having twins. Let’s contrast this to a discussion I had about three years ago…

Me: Steph! Great to see you again at cycling class. What have you been up to?
Steph: We had triplets.
Me: Whoa. What happened?
Steph: Um … not much. We got pregnant after a couple months of trying and had three boys. I was on bed rest for 20 weeks.
Me: Wow. That would pretty much be my nightmare come true. Triplets and bed rest. Did you have to buy a minivan? Because you can’t fit that many babies in one car…

Amazingly, Steph still talks to me. If I were her, I wouldn’t. And I would likely collect a months worth of stinky triplet diapers and leave them on my doorstep.

Anyhoo. Back to the twins thing. Bear in mind the following sentences will seem greedy, cruel and heartless, and depending on your emotional state at the moment, you might want to take a pass.

My sister in law has twins. She is a twin. Her twin sister also has twins. They fared well.

In all honesty, when it became evident we weren’t likely going to spontaneously conceive, I thought that the potential for multiples was the only bright spot in this whole sad situation.

Here are the greedy, sick and twisted reasons I would like twins:

1. While I like my SIL, I’m very competitive with my brother. They have four kids, including the twins. So I want twins too.

2. If you’re going to have to weather the Grade A shit storm that is IVF and infertility in general, you’d think two for the price of one would be a nice benefit.

3. We’re making aliyah in a few months. Which means five months of ulpan and unfortunately as much as a year without work. Silver lining: there has never been a better time for me to be on bed rest.

4. If we get preggo with twins, maybe NBN would be more generous with the funding? Eds. note: This is one of the most ungrateful things I’ve ever said. We don’t even know if we will receive any funding from NBN, but they have a track record of being very generous and helpful. I just have a nagging fear that we won’t get any financial help and I don’t know what we’ll do without it.

5. If we would be lucky enough to get a girl and a boy, we will have at least met the minimums of the “be fruitful and multiply” part of our religious beliefs.

Yes, I know there are a wealth of risks involved when you carry multiples. Yes, I know most doctors wouldn’t classify “international move,” “job search,” and “learning new language” as the most relaxing ways to spend a pregnancy. Yes, I know I still weigh the better part of 220 pounds. So this isn’t a good idea and may even be a bad thing to wish for.

That said, it’s the 2ww and a girl’s gotta have something to focus on.


2 responses to “Take two, they’re small

  1. Twins can be great šŸ™‚ Mine were born at 39 weeks… They get more bad press than they deserve šŸ™‚

  2. You totally echo my thoughts.

    Here are my selfish reasons for wanting twins:
    – I’m a twin, so it would be cool.
    – My sister is pregnant with her second, so I will be caught up with her.
    – Also I will get a lot of attention from my parents this way (insecure much?)
    – And of course… as you so delicately put it… two for the price of one! (I always wanted a big family. With twins, at least you know you have two).

    For awhile I thought triplets might be nice too. But then I came to my senses.

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