Nagging concerns I have

So, here’s the way it’s supposed to work: I call on CD1 and then…

Well, that’s where I get a bit lost. I know the nurse, who rocks out and is one of the nicest people ever, covered all of this at our last appointment, but I only understood vague bits and pieces.

This much I know is true:

1. I will be taking birth control pills, but I don’t start them on CD1 and I don’t take them for a full month. As the nurse said, “You won’t be having a period again until we tell you to.”

Clearly this woman has never met my ovaries. Nurse Awesome, my ovaries will see you at 3 p.m. by the bike racks. Come alone.

2. I missed a lot of the stuff in between, but I know I caught this part: Hubby will have to give the PIO shots in my tuchas everyday until I am 10 weeks pregnant.

WTF? First off, I thought Hubby would pass out right there. Second, I thought there were suppositories for this sort of thing? I don’t want to sound like a candy ass here, but for the love of all things small and cuddly, those are the big needles, the IM shots and I’ve read enough blogs to know they effing hurt. For 10 weeks? Does that mean 8 weeks since you’re already at 2 weeks when they transfer the embies? Is there no other way? Can I not get an IV for this sort of thing? Yegads I’m not looking forward to that. Although, taking said shots would imply a pregnancy, so like all other IFers, I’d do it in a heartbeat with a smile on my face if there’s a snowballs chance in the Caribbean it’ll get us a baby.

3. At that point, I went to my happy place and do not remember anything else. That said, Hubby has a mind like a steel trap and he swears there were no issues about my weight.

Now this too flies in the face of everything I’ve ever read about IVF. You see, I am quite fat. I think my BMI is roughly 34, and it needs to get below 30. Which is unlikely to occur before April 15 (yep – they start the next cycle on tax day – a bit cruel I think). If they aren’t bringing the issue up, should I?

4. Last but very much so not least: we haven’t been charged for anything yet. I’ve had two vaginal ultrasounds, two bloodworks, a good old fashioned exam and so far no payments.

I have two choices here: count my lucky stars or start asking questions. Which would you do?


One response to “Nagging concerns I have

  1. I didn’t find the PIOs to be painful at all, but I always gave the shots myself (an awkward position, but I never had to wait for myself to get home from work) and massaged afterwards. I had to go until the end of 12 weeks but I think I ended up stopping sooner.

    There are suppositories that do about the same. I don’t know why some choose one over the other. I used PIOs for my 1st IVF pregnancy & vaginal suppositories for my 2nd.

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