In the 2ww

Thanks for the e-mails. No, I haven’t fallen off the face of the blogosphere, but I’m firmly entrenched in the two week wait.

As the hubby has often put it, I’m not much fun for this half of the month. Or that part where I have my period. And then there’s that part when I don’t have my period, but I’m still niddah. And then there’s the TTC part.

Yeah, that’s the whole month. Basically, I’m not much fun.

Assuming I ovulated on day 18, the wait should be over this Wednesday/Thursday.

Given that I’ve had more than my fair share of wine over the last two weeks, I’m not putting much faith into this cycle. We had the canceled IUI. Next up, IVF.

How have we been spending the time at Casa Kirby?

I had a business trip out of town where I was a speaker at a conference. The keynote speaker mentioned me in his speech to open the conference — I wasn’t there, but the word on the street is something to the effect of “the youngest speaker we’ve ever had and a budding leader in this industry.” That’s hot. Would’ve been even better if I had been there, instead of sleeping in at my posh speaker’s suite.

Finally got my Pesach planning shit together. Menus are planned, seder invites have been arranged (attending, not hosting this year) and the fabulous trip to Seven Mile Market in Baltimore is complete. This is the first year we’ve lived within driving distance to a big kosher market, so I had way more fun than I’ve ever had around Pesach. Evidence of said fun: fully 1/6 of the groceries purchased are chocolate or desserts. So this year we’ll finally put to the test: Can your family live on chocolate covered matzah alone? The smart money says hell yes.

And I’m currently beating the pants off the hubby with our bracket picks for March Madness. Which bugs the crap out of him because I don’t know Jack about basketball (I grew up playing ice hockey) and my method was picking the team colors I liked best and the mascots.


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