First up: Philadelphia

Last Wednesday, we made our way to Philly, pelt and all, to meet with our shaliach.

Given the less than inspiring phone interview I had with Nefesh B Nefesh, it wasn’t a highly anticipated moment for me.

After our meeting, I can honestly say I’m back to being filled with the enthusiasm I had previously had about our aliyah.

Our shaliach rocks my world.

She said I was charming and probably wouldn’t have much trouble getting a job in my first few months in Israel. She said my husband would make a good professor, which is good since that’s his goal in going back to school. And she put me in touch with some professional contacts I would have been hard pressed to otherwise make.

We will be making aliyah to Modi’in as part of the communal aliyah. She allayed my fears about finding an apartment, but I would still appreciate any information or tips about Modi’in etc.

I also got the chance to meet with an old friend and visit Independence Hall. You know you belong in Israel when you know all the pertinent dates about the founding of the state, wars, etc., but you haven’t the foggiest idea when the U.S. was founded (okay, the July 4 part is the easy part), exactly when the revolution was, where the constitution was written/signed (I was suprised it was Philly — I would have guessed the smart money was on Boston).

They also have a nice Liberty Bell in Philly, though it does have a ghastly crack in the side.


One response to “First up: Philadelphia

  1. ruth malka bat sara

    Hello! Just found your blog, and I have to say I agree with your shliach… you do seem pretty charming. My husband and I plan on making aliyah this spring. We hope to be part of Modiin’s communal aliyah program, too. Have you joined all of the Modiin email lists? They offer a lot of information.


    and two Modiin related Yahoo groups I’ve found:

    Modiin and Manglo.

    We haven’t had an interview w/ NBN yet, but we’ve already gotten our approval from the Jewish Agency. I hope everything continues to go well for you (and I do mean everything, not just aliyah.)


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