Then it’s back to the Big City

For those of you keeping score at home, we’re on CD10 here folks.

Not much news in the nether regions. But I have got a couple questions here. In all seriousness, despite the ickiness of them. Any advice is more than welcome.

Our IUI will likely fall right around Purim. Which means that, God willing, I will be good and pregnant around Pesach.

Now, I’m trying to prepare for pregnancy like a good girl should — prenatals and all. I am also one of those people who already get a good dose of daily fiber, neatly split between insoluble and soluble. And I am already having “issues” dispensing with the solidified paving tar that has taken control of my intestines.

See where this is going?

I am scared shitless (pun very much intended) that I will not be able to make No. 2 during Passover. So if anyone has high-fiber Pesach recipes, I’d really like to hear them. Or is there a kosher l’pesach fiber supplement?*

Next question: How long after an IUI do you test for pregnancy? I’m guessing the usual 2ww, but I’d love to hear other stories or notes on this. Does anyone just wait to see if they get their period? And if you are preggo, does that mean you’re already at four weeks?

* Funny Pesach joke: The Metamucil company and Manischewitz have gotten together to create a high-fiber supplement to prevent constipation during Passover.

It’s called “Let my people go.”

In the event I don’t post beforehand, what with the muskrat pelt attacks and all, a very happy Purim to all and a good Shabbos.


4 responses to “Then it’s back to the Big City

  1. I’ve never had a problem with Pesach and constipation, but that’s partly because I don’t eat a lot of matzah, outside of the sedarim. I eat a ridiculous amount of fruit and an even more ridiculous number of veggies… lots of salads. I don’t use a lot of processed mixes (like cake mixes with potato starch and what not), which I suspect is my saving grace with respect to that. Anyway, I highly recommend loading up on lots of fresh veggies and fruits.

    Generally, RE’s do a beta 14 or 15 days post IUI. If you’re not doing a beta, and just using HPTs, they recommend waiting until Day 15. Yes, you can just wait to see if you’re period’s late, but that doesn’t work for me, because well… I never get my period on a predictable schedule.

    Yes, if you find out you’re pregnant after the 2ww, you’re theoretically 4 weeks pregnant. It’s completely stupid. Gestation period is calculated as EITHER 40 weeks after your period starts OR 38 weeks after ovulation. Since ovulation in most cases is harder to pinpoint, doctors use LMP as the benchmark.

  2. Fibercon has been kosher for pesach in the past. It’s a supplement in pill form and works wonders for pesach.

  3. After my IUI I did an hpt at 14 days after insemination. I still think they should bring you in for a beta cause the whole hpt sensitivity thing is a mindf**k. If it is BFN could I still be did I test to early, yada yada yada.

    As for the constipation issue, I have experienced but am not Jewish so nothing off limits to me. It is lent right now for the Catholics so we are not supposed to have meat on Fridays, however they have given us a loophole that if we eat meat on Fridays and go to confession on Saturday that we are forgiven, weird religion. Good Luck!!!!

  4. One word. Prunes. I don’t think there are any kosher issues with prunes, right? They work. Even prune juice works. That’s what I do.

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