Please daven

My father has been in the hospital for several weeks. He took a turn for the worse Monday. He was supposed to have surgery to remove his left lung, but during surgery it was found that he has cancer, that it is advanced, and that there was little reason to remove the lung since the cancer has spread. We will receive more information from the oncologist either Tuesday or Wednesday.

My father and I are not close — indeed, I’ve seen him only three times in 10 years: my mother’s funeral, z”l, my college graduation and my wedding. In that order. I will not turn this into a sob story, but it is times like these when I feel justified to note that life has not always been easy for me.

That said, he is my only surviving parent. And he is an excellent grandfather to my niece and nephews, having never been a good father to me or my brother. And I cannot imagine myself being without any parents or grandparents at the age of 28.

Please daven for Moshe Ari ben Avigayil.


2 responses to “Please daven

  1. I will keep him in my tefilos. I am so sorry that you have had so much loss at the ripe young age of 28.

  2. r’fuah shlema. You’ll both be in my prayers.

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