If we didn’t laugh, we’d cry

I have done my fair share of crying today and I need an outlet.

It may seem in poor taste given my last post, but a funny thing did happen Monday.

I ordered a new sheitel and it arrived Monday. I am not much of a sheitel wearer, or a Chabadnik, but the Rebbe said women were to wear sheitels and I’m going to give it a shot. May it be a merit for us, that we may be blessed with a baby.

For those of you not of Jewish background, this is roughly the equivalent of using egg white or taking cough syrup when you’re ovulating. Not likely to make a difference, but try to tell that to a baby-crazy woman.

Anyhoo. The sheitel arrived. I’m not usually a wig wearer, so I tried to keep it economical.

Suffice it to say, you get what you pay for. I paid just over $40. And my new wig bears a striking resemblance, both in form and odor, to a muskrat pelt.

I just washed it and it tried to bite me. I am fearful of putting my head in it.

In other news, we’re meeting with our JAFI shaliach in Philadelphia this week and spending Purim there as well. So if you see me around town, I’ll be the one with the makeshift muskrat pelt on my head.

My costume? If I keep the wig, I can likely pass as Davy Crockett.


One response to “If we didn’t laugh, we’d cry

  1. *snort*

    But at least people will know you have your head covered, and not confuse you with one a them there ultra-modern orthos who goes around head-naked šŸ™‚

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