You’re not alone. I’m an unfit parent too.

I have no idea if stealing from another blog is kosher (which actually means fit or proper, not okay to eat) or not in the blogosphere, but I’m giving it a shot. You can scold me in the comments if I’ve made a faux pas.

Stolen from ProjGen’s latest post:

“I kept thinking, “I can’t even take care of myself, how the hell am I supposed to take care of a child? Maybe this is why we haven’t been able to come up with the money. Maybe we’re [wait for it…] not meant to have children.”

Thank God I am not the only one who feels this way.

As I spend time online motzi shabbos, here’s what I should be doing:

Four loads of laundry, give or take: How does one girl have four loads of laundry to do (I don’t do the hubby’s, he doesn’t do mine — we’re very particular)? Yeah well, that’s largely because I haven’t done any laundry since … wait for it … early November.

For the record, yes I have a lot of clothing. No, you don’t have to wash sweaters in between wearings if you steal your husband’s undershirts, and yes he washes his laundry with great frequency. And yes, I’ve since bought a great deal of new bras and skivvies.

My bathroom could use a good cleaning. I haven’t really deep cleaned it (as in, washed the tub with anything other than my own arse) since I moved in. Which was in … oh yeah baby, here’s a good one … July.

I shit you not. And while I’ve enough moral fiber to feel good and guilty about it, it sure isn’t enough to motivate me to get my butt off the sofa and fix it.

My kitchen is a mess. The k’deirah blech is still full of water. And don’t even remind me of the Pesach planning and cleaning I have yet to begin. And something in the fridge is quickly taking on the appearance of a nice velvety Shabbos robe.

And all of this makes me ask: Is this why we haven’t been blessed with children? Will I finally get my shit together when I have a child to raise? Will you actually be able to find the carpeting in our living room in time for someone to be able to crawl on it?

We’ve all heard that having children changes people — but can you turn a slacker into a real, live adult in as little as 38 weeks? Should I try to reform my evil ways now?

I share many of ProjGen’s concerns. Mine aren’t for money — B’H we’re doing alright and have excellent insurance. But I could win an award for worst mother of the year and I don’t even have children yet.

I would really like to hear from anyone who’s been there, done that and learned from it. Does it start to matter more when someone else is learning from you?

2 responses to “You’re not alone. I’m an unfit parent too.

  1. It’s not stealing, it’s quoting. And quoting is okay, with proper attribution 😉

    See? Didn’t I say it’s nice to not be alone?

  2. So, a little late to the party, but…I am a parent, and still pretty much a slacker. You do the important stuff, and stress (let go) the unimportant stuff, or hire help. But trust me, we don’t have it together. Messes, forgotten bills, lost checks. We just found thank you cards we were supposed to send out after our wedding. We are going on 5 years very soon. But the kids are (usually) clean, dressed, and happy. The clothes may come from a huge mountain of clean laundry that never got folded, and I buy lots of extras, etc. The point is, none of this stuff is why one doesn’t have kids. Just that not having kids opens you up to analyzing it. The way we analyze our older single friends to figure out why they aren’t married.

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