Seven Mile Market anyone?

At the risk of giving away where we live — do me a favor, and if you know, please don’t say anything or post anything in the comments — does anyone know when the Seven Mile Market in Baltimore gets all of the Pesach stuff ready?

I’d like to plan a road trip to get Pesach ready, but I don’t want to go to early.

Shavua tov all.


3 responses to “Seven Mile Market anyone?

  1. Why the hell do you want to go Pesach shopping when you just described what your house looks like???? At least you’re thinking ahead!

  2. They already have a lot of Pesach stuff out, but generally right after Purim, they’re more full-swing.

  3. You know it is funny, I get freaked out that people I know will discover my blog, I mean when I look at it I am like, heck people will know exactly who I am. But when you look at someone else’s NO IDEA, so I think you are safe. Good luck with this round. Looks like we are cycle buddies as well, on day 9 of my cycle and get scanned tomorrow. Keep me posted and good luck.

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