No comment

Okay, so I’m totally new to this and need a bit of help.

Am I supposed to respond to comments in a new post (the way I have been) or should I just join the commenters in the trenches of my comments?

Any comments on that?


2 responses to “No comment

  1. this depends on your style (and also how quickly you respond to your comments). It is unlikely that people are going to go back and read your comments on individual posts very often, so bear that in mind. This is one of my frustrations with blogger… no threaded comments, and no comment notification except to the blog owner.

    Answering in separate posts means people are more likely to see your answers.

    Some comments don’t need a specific reply. Still others may merit a direct email to the original commenter. It’s all a matter of personal style and personal preference, really.

  2. If I take the time to make a long and thoughtful comment, and if you find that comment helpful or interesting, I’d like to know. Whether you e-mail me separately, or just add a comment on a number of comments — doesn’t really matter. If you don’t ever respond to comments, then I’ll stop making them.

    After a year of following bloggers, I’ve concluded there are two distinct groups. Group one is really interested in the community aspect and in getting and giving feedback. Group two is primarily writing a private journal and may use the idea of other people reading their thoughts as a motivation to write, but doesn’t really care what readers think or want feedback other than compliments.

    Group One bloggers are the ones I return to again and again – although if I had a blog myself, I suspect I would be in Group Two!

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