But wait! There’s more!

I missed a couple good dumb things.

Not sure exactly when I posted it, but I managed to post the following facts and to fear their impact on our infertility:

I’m 5’7ish. And I weigh roughly 214. Which works out to a BMI of 33.5. Word on the street is that they prefer you to be at 30 or less when you cycle.

Except that in my first post about it, I said I was 118 and desperately trying to lose weight.

Ah, what a difference a 100 pounds makes. Thanks ProjGen to bringing it to my attention.

And when I said in my previous post that something was good with salmon, I meant the hummus, not the sperm.


One response to “But wait! There’s more!

  1. regarding your BMI, my BMI is a hair higher than yours, but I’ve not had problems getting a doctor to allow me to have treatment cycles. Would it be better if I lost weight? Certainly. In fact, I have lost weight. But most of that weight has been lost since after starting treatment.

    (A large part of the reason I’m overweight is that I took Depakote for years for migraines and gained about 20lbs a year while on it, but since trying to get pregnant, I have not been able to take the Depakote because it is associated with neural tube defects in early pregnancy)

    My point? Oh, right, I’m sure I had one in there somewhere. Right. My point is that your BMI, while a factor, may not necessarily be a deal breaker for your doctor. Particularly since you have lost some weight. Studies have shown that even losing 10% of your body weight can improve your health and fertility outlook significantly, even if that means you’re still overweight or obese after losing that weight. It doesn’t mean you’re off the hook for future progress, but it does mean that if you can show that you’ve made progress they may not force the issue of BMI.

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