It’s a small world afterall

In response to comments first:

Rachel Inbar asked where we were looking at making aliyah to. As of this time, a lot depends on where my husband will be going to grad school (he is applying at TAU and Ben Gurion). We had been looking mostly at Haifa, since it’s a little less expensive and is absolutely gorgeous. And if he goes to BGU, we’ll have to find something in the South.

But most recently: we’ve fallen a bit in love with Modiin, of Judah the Maccabee fame.

So Rachel, we’ve got a meeting with our shaliach next Wednesday to discuss the new community aliyah options in Modiin. And since we’ve already made a friend there, we’re leaning strongly toward Modiin at the moment.

Anyone else out there want to weigh in on some good options for olim?

And in IF news: not much, really. I have an appointment with a good old fashioned OB/GYN tomorrow since I haven’t really established care with one since we moved last summer. Dr. Laughsalot suggested I have one ready to treat me in the event our cycle is a success.

Which made me realize how pessimistic I had been about this whole process.

I hadn’t allowed myself to hope that this might just work out for us. We could very well be preggo in a couple weeks. Please God, let it be our turn this once.


One response to “It’s a small world afterall

  1. We like Modiin too πŸ™‚ (I have been here since 1997) My husband is currently studying at BGU and commutes a few times a week. By car it takes him an hour and 10 minutes each way.

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