Entering the four Ps

Although it’s the lovely and joyous month of Adar, I’m finding myself a bit afflicted by the four Ps.

The Pre-Purim Pesach Panic.

Because each year I tell myself:

“Self, you’re going to get it together this year. This year will be different. This year, you will actually begin cleaning six weeks in advance.”

And as Purim looms on the horizon, reality sets in and a I resort to comfort statements.

“Dirt is not chametz.” My RenReb told me so.

And like every other year, it fails to comfort.

This year will be different. At least in a few ways. We’re in a new community where we (no joke) make up roughly 25% of the observant population between the two of us.

(Let’s pause while other Jews say, “Oh, that’s a good reason to make aliyah.” Umm, yup. It really is.)

What I should also mention is that the other 75% is made up of the Chabad Rabbi and Rebbetzin, and their children. It’s just us and them. And if you haven’t guessed, it would be fair to say our middos are umm, well, not up to par so that they would actually consider setting foot in our home.

Which means that aside from the few wandering Jews we’ll be able to wrangle in from our workplaces, it’s just going to be me and the hubby for Pesach. And, God willing, maybe just maybe I’ll have developed a little friend inside in time for the holiday.

On second thought: that doesn’t mean you’d have to eat matzah for two? I can barely handle matzah for one.

So I’ll start my cleaning and organizing and list making next week. Really I will.


One response to “Entering the four Ps

  1. nononononononono! No! Never think of Pesach until AFTER Purim. In fact, I like to double torture myself and while I’m waiting for the hangover to wear off, I start thinking about Pesach. Sort of punishment for over-indulging at the Purim party πŸ˜‰

    Would the Chabad Rabbi not invite you and your husband for a seder? Or do you prefer hosting? And no, you wouldn’t have to eat matzah for two. But Gd willing, you’ll be eating everything else for two!

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