Religious observance and the birds and the bees

Happy Valentine’s Day a day late. Which is probably a good jumping off point for discussing some Jewish observance stuff.

As posted in the disclaimer, we’re Jewish. Not perfect. But fairly observant. Although all the questions I’ve gotten thus far have come in via e-mail, feel free to post questions in the comments and I’ll get back to you as fast as I can.

Here are the answers to your questions so far:

Do you have halachic infertility?

Short answer: No. Male infertility is not halachic infertility, and we’re (only, IY”H) dealing with MI. Or so we think and continue to like to believe.

You wouldn’t ever consider selective reduction?

My reasons against this are partly religious and partly personal. I never said I wouldn’t consider it, just that I’d like to avoid it if possible. I don’t think anyone ever says, “Gee, I think it’d be a great deal of fun to conceive with four fetuses and eliminate the two weakest ones.”

And though I can only speak for myself, after years of trying to have a child, I think it’s especially hard to consider that an “option” after dealing with infertility. I just don’t want to go there if there’s a way to prevent it.

Keep up the questions and I’ll keep up the answers.

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