According to plan

I can’t help but bubble over with the irony. We have an infertility plan. Our first meeting with the RE was today.

It’s been more than three years since we started working toward trying to start a family. Our first steps toward fertility didn’t involve genetic screening, any medical checkups or even nookie.

It all began with a spreadsheet.

Because, although I now laugh at the idea so heartily that I nearly shatter ribs, I actually had an excel spreadsheet planned on when we would conceive. ‘Cause you see, we’re Jewish. Come from big families. And so, we were not going to have any trouble having kids.

It’s okay. You can take a minute to get the remaining chuckles out. I’ll wait.

All better? Okay, back to the plan.

I told the RE I would prefer a fertility plan to an infertility plan. She didn’t find it the least bit amusing. And so, to mete out some irony right back at her, she will henceforth be known on this blog as Dr. Laughsalot. Because, well, she doesn’t.

Assuming the SA test the hubby took today comes back as pretty good (Dr. L had high hopes), we will be pursuing the following:

Despite my best efforts, my goal of going directly for IVF has gone the way of my spreadsheet. We will be doing an unmedicated IUI cycle (at least one) and then proceeding with other treatment options. She agrees that I’m likely ovulating “according to plan” and that clomid or other goodies would just increase the rate of us becoming the new McCaugheys.

If his sperm is complete shit, we’ll just be going for IVF with ICSI. Either way, I’m back in the office probably two weeks from today, assuming Ms. Flow decides to pay my innards a visit. Her flight is a bit late this go around, no doubt due to the crazy ass weather throughout the country. Who can blame the old gal?

We met with Dr. L, and my new favorite fertility person Nurse T, in the Big City. You see, we live in the small town and have to drive the better part of four hours for treatment. I’m not complaining, but it certainly throws a kink in some of the easier treatment options. We stayed overnight on Wednesday and made a couple days of fun out of it all, but it would be nice to have the option of treatment locally.

That said, overall everything we heard was good news. We also have good insurance coverage once we meet our deductible, so there’s hope yet. And the IUI won’t get in the way of starting IVF in April if need be. So it’s really a minimal addition to the plan.

My hope is it results in a big addition to the family.


One response to “According to plan

  1. Kirby,

    Welcome to the blogosphere!

    It sounds like you’re in fairly good shape – that even IUI could stand a chance…

    I’m on the other side of infertility (but I definitely did my time there) and the other side of the globe (Israel). I hope the rest of your journey through infertility will be short and sweet šŸ™‚ and hey, if you’re that good at excel, triplets’ll be a piece of cake šŸ˜‰

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