IVF, or killng flies with a sledgehammer

Perhaps now would be a good time to explain why we’re skipping so many other fun steps and going directly to IVF with ICSI. The reasoning is threefold, in no particular order:

We’re dealing with male factor infertility
Short story: Although my husband is an excellent swimmer, his sperm are not.
The numbers we got back from numerous semen analyses were staggering: excellent high sperm count, pitiful motility and morphology. As in, 4% correctly formed, 3% can actually swim. And so he had the varicocelectomy. We’ve not yet received the results of his latest work, but unless the team has grown into Olympic hopefuls, it doesn’t look as though IUI will work well.

We have insurance coverage, sort of
Wonder of wonders, my insurance plan covers treatment. So we can afford a couple cycles of IVF if we need to, and they pay for drugs as well. That said, we have a limit and we don’t want to spend any of our alloted coverage on a treatment that may or may not have good results.
I know IVF is far from a sure thing, but the theory we’re operating under is that if we can give my uterus a happy-go-lucky fertilized embryo, there’s some hope I’ll know what to do with it.

We are religious
So we’re not crazy fundamentalists. I promise. That said, I’d really like to avoid getting in a situation where we would be forced to choose to selectively eliminate – yeesh, I even have a hard time typing that.
Yes, our religion allows for it when it’s absolutely necessary. Yes, I understand that you can do AI without Clomid. No, I don’t think it’s hypocritical to be against killing off a fetus if you used IVF to get yourself preggers. No, this wasn’t a deal breaker that pushed us toward IVF.
But the fact of the matter is that IVF allows you the greatest control to prevent yourself from getting in one of these situations.
And religion and morality and all of that aside, I just couldn’t bear to be in that situation after trying so hard to conceive for years. I’ve read blogs where folks were faced with those choices, and I just don’t have that sort of strength.


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