In other news

In addition to working our way through infertility, we’ve got a few other irons in the fire. Here’s what’s up and coming on the Kirby family front.

Moving to Israel
Might as well get the big dog out there in front. We’re hoping IY”H to move to Israel this summer, possibly in July. We’re receiving help from Nefesh B’ Nefesh and the Jewish Agency for Israel. This means that if our IVF goes well, as we hope to cycle in April, next year could find me in another (fairly eventful) country where I barely speak the language, unemployed and knocked up with triplets.

What’s scary about this? That all sounds very appealing to me.

Changes at work
Did I mention we just moved last summer? Yeah, I’m only six months deep in the job I’m in. And the hubby has not found meaningful employment, with “meaningful” here having the definition of “making more than $16K a year.”

And the stress level at work lately has been insane. I remember back in the day when a 44 hour week meant big time OT. Ah, those were the days. Now a 44 hour week means I cut out early, and that it was most likely noticed.

My big fat Jewish bottom
Although I’ll elaborate more on this in my “70 pounds to go” blog, I have a bit of a weight problem. “A bit” here having the meaning “I weigh 116 pounds* and I’m 5’7.”

While I’m not going to try and convince you this is irrelevant in terms of fertility, it would be fair to note the following:

Two years ago, I weighed 170. We didn’t get pregnant then either.

Without adding insult to injury, the blame for our lack of loinfruit has been placed squarely on the hubby’s shoulders. Or, more precisely, his gibbly bits.

That said, I’m likely going to get turned away from IVF until I can get my BMI below 30. For me, that means 190 pounds. Or, as I prefer to think of it, 26 pounds to go.

* I’ve already lost four pounds in this effort.


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